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Free SMS

You receive free text messages across the entire E-Plus network within Germany every 30 days when you spend at least 10 euros topping up your phone. The free SMS are for conversations between blauworld customers within Germany. The free SMS are valid for 30 days.

Free SMS for your recharges (once every 30 days; valid for 30 days).

  • Recharge of 10 € = 60 Free SMS
  • Recharge of 15 € = 120 Free SMS
  • Recharge of 30 € = 300 Free SMS

The crediting of the free SMS occures directly after the recharge - regardless of whether by credit card, bank debit, bank transfer, or pre-paid card. You will be informed by SMS about the number of free SMS - and you will also get an SMS when the free SMS have been used up.

The current status of your credit can be checked at any time with your mobile phone. Simply press * 100 # and send (free of charge).