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The quasi-flat for voice and SMS to the entire E-Plus Network

  • E-Plus-Flat*
    Valid for 30 days and up to 3000 minutes
    Price in Euro
    9,90 Euro
  • Calls and sms (up to 3000 min. and 3000 sms)
    Price per minute for calls and price per sms to the E-Plus network (E-Plus, BASE, blau, blauworld, simyo, AY YILDIZ)
    Price in Ct./min.
    0 Cent

The E-Plus-Flat can be combined with the following options:
Internet-Flats, EU-Packages.

*E-Plus Flat (€9.90 per 30-day option period): With the "E-Plus Flat" supplemental service, no usage-based fee is charged for calls made from the E-Plus network to other customers in the E-Plus network (e.g. Ortel Mobile, E-Plus, BASE, AY YILDIZ and Simyo), with the exception of special numbers (value-added) services, roaming and call forwarding.